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One of my most favorite things last year was taking my family to the pumpkin patch near my hometown. The weather was nice and cool around the time of year {Sometimes, it even dips below 80 degrees! Okay, so expect to sweat a little at a pumpkin patch in Philly.} Just don’t let the lingering heat keep you away! Our first pumpkin patch as a family was last year when my oldest one was eager to have his first pumpkin patch visit.

Pumpkin patches that we visited did offered the scheduled tour as well as some semi-permanent activities available right inside the patch ground area. We did enjoyed pumpkin labyrinths, hayrides, games, and more. We found that there were so much things to do at pumpkin patches. Many were often free, too!!

Oh how my boy was excited to see the farm tractor ...enjoyed both real as well as miniature version.This short family visit was worth one that we are going to remember for a long time :).