I am a self-taught photographer and grew up …

.... in Kathmandu, Nepal and later move to the United States where I attended Eastern Illinois University in Charleston and graduated with a MS in Computer Technology. Currently I live near Philadelphia. I am a self-taught photographer and have learned how to take a great shot through trial and error, and many, I do like to travel and especially like to capture the people, events and beautiful landscapes.

After my graduation and getting some opportunities of travel, I also started to fall in love with photography. I knew it was time to get a new camera which would allow me the freedom of more control , so I got my first DSLR Canon T3. I couldn't spend much and from all the reviews, this was the entry level DSLR to get. This camera allowed me to start learning shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field. It took great photos. Also I started learning the art of editing. After two years with this camera it was time to step it up. Hello Canon 6D. This camera took AMAZING photos, and still does. It was soon after I made this purchase that I started to become my friends and my family's personal photographer and I loved it. I just loved taking photos with my 6D. I started utilizing Adobe Lightroom and more professional editing. My 6D really propelled me into a love affair with photography.Well here I am now. trying to bring all the beautiful pics that i have taken over the years in once place . It's tough to find me in any photos, since i'm usually the one taking them. Either way, I love photography and I really hope that you can take a look around my portfolio and enjoy some of my favorites over the years.